Our Characters

Big City Animals™ Characters promote:

Creativity ▪ Leadership ▪ Friendship ▪ Companionship ▪ Compassion ▪ Social Responsibility

Boston Bernie

Boston Bernie©

Personality: Down-to-earth and loves to be part of the crowd; a people pleaser who is driven by achievement. Bernie is goal-oriented, focused and best of all punctual. He is driven by the motto: “Be the best you can be!”
Likes: Bernie loves sailboat racing, photography and playing sports (especially baseball). He’s a soup and sandwich kind of guy who, of course, loves Boston Clam Chowder and Boston Cream Pie! Bernie loves the tick tock of clocks – as sound keeps him on time!
Dislikes: Indecision, sitting still or anything that makes you stay indoors. He also hates loud noises and traffic jams! He doesn’t like foods that can cause stains, like grape jelly or beets!

Atlanta Annie

Atlanta Annie©

Personality: Outspoken, yet demure… loves being a “lady”, but can take on the guys any day of the week!
Loves to say “Sweet Succotash” and loves sugary fruit treats and fancy designer shoes. So needless to say she “saunters” and does not “run” for anything. She takes her time, is thoughtful and deliberate. Plays coy but is very,very smart. She is a “classy, southern lady”.
Likes: Annie loves high fashion and shopping. She is an adventure seeker looking for the perfect collection of “stuff” for her closet. Loves good, healthy foods, but splurges on those fruit-based treats. She loves things that take her high into the air, like roller coasters and airplanes.
Dislikes: Messy foods (BBQ), dirty tasks, altercations (she loves everyone being happy and works to calm any issues).

Manhattan Mikey

Manhattan Mikey©

Personality: Hip hop, fun loving prankster, but shy with the ladies. Mike learns from looking, listening and doing, by interacting with others. He is protective of his friends and his city.
Likes: Mikey is a music lover. He loves street music, going to Radio City Hall and even the Opera. He is also a foodie, loving trying out different cultures’ food and drink. He regularly checks out Little Italy and Chinatown and even goes to Harlem for soul food. Mikey lives a “hip hopping around” kind of lifestyle.
Dislikes: Drones flying around, fancy shoes or clothes, dressing up (not a suit and tie guy). Not a limo guy (walking or going on subways, trains or ferries are his transportation modes of choice).

 Chicago Christy

Chicago Christy©

Personality: Whimsical, light, airy, carefree, goes with the flow – and doesn’t like constraints. She could be considered somewhat of a health nut, but loves teaching others the benefits of a balanced lifestyle. Christy loves outdoor activities and public speaking.
Likes: Riding elevators in tall buildings, architecture, finger foods (Deep Dish Pizza) and outdoor activities – especially bicycling or using her scooter. But when she is tired, she always takes the L-Train! And she loves her hair in ponytails!
Dislikes: Wind (Chicago is the windy city; it’s really nasty – in winter they have ropes to hold onto) and anything that makes her feel “prissy.”


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